jumping yoga and the search for a slip


I was walking through some gardens. Formal sort of thing. And lots of lovely old buildings dotted around. There was a yoga class going on, in one building by a little grassy wooded knoll. I think I left J— sitting on the knoll – because for some reason I thought I ought to join in with the class.

There were about 30 people doing the yoga class. All were either wearing knickers, little camisoles or slips, or absolutely nothing. And everybody was jumping around doing yoga – I don’t think real yoga involves so much jumping around. Or nudity for that matter.

A beautiful woman, who I thought I knew, wanted to leave the class to go to the charity shop to buy a slip to wear. But she only had 50p. Someone said that they’d seen a slip in a nearby red fronted charity shop for around 50p, but wasn’t 100% sure.

So the beautiful woman was about to set off, hopefully, with her 50p, and her sweet little dog on a lead. Suddenly the dog escaped and scampered off. She ran out of the class chasing it and shouting.

The class continued for a bit. Then the class ended with an endurance contest: jumping from one foot to the other and clapping repeatedly inbetween. It was quite difficult and everybody was dropping out one by one and finally it was just me and one more girl left. Neither of us were wearing anything and we were both jumping on one foot, and then the other, clapping each time.

I was exhausted, but I really wanted to win. Then, just as the other girl gave up and I won, F— walked in, looking for someone and talking, and somebody quickly wrapped me up in a towel, because I would have been so embarrassed if he’d seen me naked.


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