i found it on the hillside


On a hill by a country road in the middle of nowhere, I was walking alone. It was beautiful and sunny. I might have been trying to get somewhere, but I’m not sure. Suddenly I spotted a giant pencil at the side of the road. It was red with a cavalcade-style gypsy painted flower on it. Beautiful. Then I spotted another pencil right next to it – it was even more giant and plain black.

This was next to and old rubbish dump or compost heap, and the pencils had obviously been thrown away or discarded. I got so excited because I thought I had found Arrietty’s pencils (Arrietty from The Borrowers). So I searched the rubbish pile for Arrietty’s large book, her diary, which is very large or very small, depending on who is looking at it.

Finally I spotted a book. Excitedly, I picked it up. It was Far from the Madding Crowd. (I’ve never even read it, why am I dreaming about it?) It was a pretty pale blue edition. I flicked through the pages a little, and came across £30 wedged inbetween two pages! A £10 and a £20 note. I cannot describe how excited I was, even more than before. Someone had thrown it away by accident.

Then I found two other nice books. One paperback – a pale yellow old school Penguin Classic, and one lovely old hardback – dark blue with gold embossing. I found a little box perfect for keeping the 3 books in. I packed them up and I took them all with me, along with my two giant pencils.


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