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Rarely is one dream the same as another. Some are easy to trace to my waking hours and actions. But others may as well have been blown into my ear by a mischievous pixie, through a tunnel that penetrates the centre of the earth from a far flung nothing-to-do-with-me location.

As such, my dreams have been surprising me for years. I wake up, and though I have a good imagination in waking hours, I often cannot stretch it to fathom where some of my nighttime visions come from. I warp my own reality beyond recognition – beyond remembrance in fact. So I started to write them down. I try to do this as soon as possible, to solidify the images and facts. Sometimes this comes in the form of (often illegible) notes to myself in the middle of the night, full of disjointed ‘trigger words’ that I’m sure will make sense to me in the morning. These notes read a bit like fragmented poetry – perhaps I could make a career out of this.


intense fear in house
like the large glass
————— Outside.
scared to go round corners
cooking rotten tomatoes
meet two girls in kitchen woods
she smashes egg PROVE who she is

(21 May 2011)

Lots of people keep dream diaries, but this is a little bit different. I would like to make a useful record of the dreams that I can remember, something that I can draw on. In the same way that 95% of the seas have never been explored, humans only use 10% of their brains, apparently. Those are overused facts. And I’m not a scientist, or a biologist. I’m not even sure which part of the brain the subconscious falls into. But my intuition tells me that there could be all kinds of mermaids and sea-monsters living in that 90% – creatures my brain tries to make me forget. And I intend to remember them. More than that, I’d love to use my dreams to further my thought, stretch my imagination, and build it up into something even more colourful and muscular than it already is. Perhaps this will teach me something. Even if that something is just an exercise in the art of the metaphysical wild goose chase, and what could be viewed as a self-indulgent waste of time. We’ll see.


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